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MetaWin is a statistical software package for conducting and evaluating data in a meta-analytic framework. The program was written by:

* Michael S. Rosenberg
* Dean C. Adams
* Jessica Gurevitch

As of 2010, MetaWin is being self-distributed.

MetaWin first published in 1997, allows the user to easily carry out all common meta-analysis calculations on independent studies from a wide variety of disciplines, including medicine, ecology, and the social sciences, compare mean effect sizes and confidence limits of different classes of studies with the click of a mouse, and examine the results of within- and between-group heterogeneity using parametric methods as well as resampling tests. The program allows users to refine their analyses by choosing which specific groups and individual studies from their data sets they wish to analyze or eliminate. In addition, Version 2 of MetaWin allows users to calculate any of six different effect sizes from their data, and can be used for a variety of statistical meta-analytic models. MetaWin runs on IBM-compatible computers running Windows 95/98/NT/XP/Vista/Windows 7, with a minimum 8MB of RAM. A comprehensive 128 page manual is included with the program, which includes chapters describing the statistical theory of meta-analysis, an explanation of effect sizes and meta-analytic summary model calculations, and a description of how these calculations may be performed in MetaWin. MetaWin is now distributed electronically. Cost for a single user is $60.

After your payment is complete, you should receive an email within 48 hours with information on how to download your copy of MetaWin.

The following information is available for MetaWin 2:

*What is MetaWin?
*What's New in Version 2
*Download a demo of MetaWin 2
*MetaWin 2 Software Updates (New Update Available - 2/12/2007)
*MetaWin 2 Manual Corrections/Errata
*MetaWin 2 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Other useful links:

*Comments and Technical Support Requests
*Information on MetaWin 1.0

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