What's new in MetaWin 2.0?

Many new analyses and features are found in MetaWin 2.0 that were not present in the previous version. Below is a brief description of some of these new features:
* Spreadsheet Editor
MetaWin 2.0 now has a spreadsheet editor that can read text files, Excel files, and Lotus files. In addition, the data file size is no longer limited by the program, but only by available space on the hard drive (and RAM).
*Calculation of Effect Sizes
MetaWin 2.0 now calculates 6 different effect sizes from the data, rather than 2. These can be calculated from three types of primary data: (1) means, standard deviations, and sample sizes, (2) two x two contingency tables, and (3) correlation coefficients.
*Summary Analyses
MetaWin 2.0 allows for the calculation of both fixed-effects and random-effects meta-analytic models, from three different types of data structure: data from one population (i.e., no structure), categorical (ANOVA) data, or continuous (regression) data.
* Exploratory Analyses and Graphics
A number of exploratory analyses have been added to MetaWin 2.0, including:
* Statistical Calculator
MetaWin 2.0 also includes a statistical calculator so that test-statistics may be converted to a common effect size metric.
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Revised by Dean C. Adams, dcadams@iastate.edu, 7 December, 1999.